Welcome to the IASC Project (Intelligent Agent Software Contest Project) homepage. I'm going to try to briefly describe you how it all started, my special personal interest for this project and (what really matters for you...) what is it all about!!!

There are some projects similar to this one, but they are not the same since none of them as so many features, it's free and it's open source! That's really why I wanted to create this one, or else, I'd be "playing" with other projects and not doing this one! Anyway, you can through the Links section visit the other projects homepages to check out what's really different between them... One thing is for sure... you won't see the dollar sign in this page!!! ;-)

Now, but what the hell is this project about??? OK, OK, take it easy! This project is about war between autonomous, intelligent robots that fight in an environment they're in seeking for victory and survival but they all have the same problem... In the end there can be only one winner!!! Your task is to build your robot, test it and submit it so that you can see your robot smash, kill, destroy, simply annihilating all robots in the game or... be destroyed in flash of a second (after reading the documentation you'll see that there's a game mode where you can join a team of robots and then there are more than one robot that it'll win but that's a minor detail...) It depends on his form of thinking about the game and getting fast and reasonable answers for him giving the state of the world he his in at the moment. You can then improve your robot and resubmit it or even create more robots so that they can join the war and make you a winner.

And that's all... Now, prepare yourself, get some ideas, tricks and participate... :-)

Chairman of the IASC Project:
Paulo J. Matos aka PDestroy -